True Confessions of a Mentor and Mentee

By Lindsay Marcaccio and Jane Chamberlin We were asked to write about our experience in the IABC mentorship program. First, the basics: we get together every month, often meeting for coffee and chatting about life at work. We’ve also gone to a dance performance together, and now we’re writing together. We’re hoping to do a… Read more

Mid-year update from your IABCYYC President

By Natasha Qereshniku With half this board year behind us, it’s a great time for an update to all our amazing members on some of the things your board has been working hard on, and what’s in the works coming up.  From big changes at the international level to impacts from an economy that is… Read more

Meet our new Membership & Student Development Directors!

Please join the IABC/Calgary board in welcoming Brianne Davis as our Membership Director and Tracy Posadowski as our Student Development Director.  We thank everyone who has expressed interest in the positions. There are other volunteer opportunities available with our chapter so please make sure to check on our website to learn more! Brianne Davis, Membership… Read more

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