Choose a membership type to suit your needs.

At IABC, we’re flexible.

All membership types have access to exclusive IABC benefits and promote networking, career development and personal growth.  Joining IABC is an investment in your career.

Professional membership

  • For the individual who is looking to enhance their skills, expand their network and engage with their fellow professionals.
  • $314/year.

Corporate membership

  • Corporate memberships are for organizations that have a communications team and would like several members to have access to membership benefits.
  • Perks include unlimited complimentary access to IABC Academy courses, two complimentary Gold Quill entries, 10% registration discount for the World Conference and much more! See more details here.

Small Organization membership

  • Small organization memberships allow a 15% discount on international fees for five or more employees from the same company.

Student membership

  • For full-time students at colleges, universities or other educational institutions, as well as part-time students working towards a degree or certificate program in Canada, who are not presently working in the communications profession.
  • $49/year.

Student transition

  • Transitional membership is for communications students or recent grads transitioning into a career. This reduced rate is for professionals who have graduated from a program at a post-secondary institution in the last year. They must hold a student membership to get the transitional rate.
  • Members can only have one year as a student transition before they must become a professional member at the full professional rate.
  • $172/year.

Retired membership

  • Retired memberships are for retired professionals looking to stay engaged and involved with the professional association they have always loved.
  • $49/year.

Where your fees go

Your membership fee is portioned across your local chapter in Calgary, the Canada West Region and IABC International. The following portions are based on a Professional Membership.

  • Chapter dues –$40
  • Region dues –$20
  • International dues –$254

Contact us if you have any questions about membership!

Membership benefits

Did you know that Calgary is the one of the largest IABC chapters in the world? Our ever-expanding network is just one benefit of becoming a member.

Local benefits

  • Exclusive IABC Calgary access to Perkopolis. You can use your Perkopolis membership to enjoy great savings on entertainment, travel, attractions, shopping, health, wellness, sport and more!
  • Special member pricing for professional development events and workshops year-round.
  • Exclusive members-only job postings.
  • The Current, delivered weekly to your email inbox, to keep you in the loop about our local communications community.
  • Mentorship Program connecting members one-on-one with a mentor, or allowing senior members to pass on valuable career experiences to a mentee.

International benefits

  • Access to international conferences and webinars.
  • Innovative and relevant resources including peer-reviewed research and articles to enhance your work experience and knowledge.
  • Communication World, delivered monthly to your email inbox, is a digital magazine on in-depth and leading-edge communication topics.
  • An international database where you can use search fields to connect with anyone on the IABC membership list.
  • A globally recognized GCCC accreditation program.
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