In 2016, IABC/Calgary rolled-out our chapter’s version of the IABC Gift of Communications program.

Many nonprofit social organizations have limited financial and other communications resources and may depend heavily upon volunteers to deliver their services and fulfill their missions.

Through the Gift of Communication Program, we identify local nonprofits with unmet communication challenges and link them with senior communicators who will help them develop appropriate solutions to meet their needs.  We do one Gift of Communications project per year, starting in December and ending in May.

Gift of Communication demonstrates how local senior communication professionals can add value to any enterprise and provides our members with an outstanding, dynamic professional development experience.

Are you a nonprofit organization in need of a Gift of Communications? Apply today for our upcoming 2018 Gift of Communications Program. Simply fill out the 2018 IABC Calgary Gift of Communications Application and send it in to IABC/Calgary Career Services . Deadline extended to January 19, 2018.  We will be reviewing our applications in early January and will contact those selected for the Gift of Communications program. We will be selecting one non-profit agency; however, all applications will be reviewed and a wait list will be created if needed.

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda or Kathy at IABC/Calgary Career Services .

Read more about past Gift of Communications recipients:

Find out more about IABC International’s Gift of Communications Program.

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