IABC/Calgary hosted a second Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) Communication Management Professional (CMP) examination in October 2016 which resulted in four new CMPs. Congratulations to:
Michelle Spring,
Kristin Huybrecht,
Nekolina Lau
Kathy Thompson

Currently, IABC/Calgary has the most certified CMPs of any location in the world. We are an early adopter and supporter of this certification program and we believe it is an important step forward for our profession. It is an ISO certified international certification for the broad communications profession and most importantly, it demands recertification annually. This ensures, much like other professions, that communications professionals remain up-to-date with changes in the practice and it ensures those who procure communications expertise know that a certain standard of current knowledge is being maintained. The CMP exams will continue to be offered by IABC Calgary in 2017, together with the next level of certification called, Senior Communications Management Professional (SCMP).

The GCCC has recently made some rate changes:

  • Application fee (members) – US$100
  • Application fee (non-members) – US$400
  • Examination fee (all) – US$400
  • Maintenance fee (all) – US$100 annually

For current CMPs who have paid a higher rate, the GCCC will waive the next renewal fee when they renew their certification expiration date.

If you are interested in obtaining a CMP certification or need more information on levels of certification to come, please visit the CMP page on IABC international or contact Nancy Helledie, IABC/Calgary Director of Professional Standards.

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