We’re proud to have a great mix of 17 communicators directing our activities for the 2015-2016 season. This year we have brought together a truly outstanding team of professionals with skills and expertise in oil and gas, government, academia, non-profit, health care, consulting, advertising and culture (to name but a few!) We are certain to have a successful year with our new and returning board members, and our dedicated and hard-working volunteers.

IABC/Calgary’s board is elected each year at our annual general meeting. Throughout the year the board meets monthly, to discuss chapter business and help provide programs and services to our fellow IABC/Calgary members.

Stay tuned for opportunities throughout the year to mix and mingle with your 2015-2016 IABC/Calgary board of directors. They look forward to meeting more IABC members in the coming months! Find out more about your board of directors.

IABC Calgary 2015-2016 Board

Sheila Carruthers

Vice President
Will Tigley

Past President
Jennifer de Vries

Director, Administration
Amber Marechal

Director, Finance
Sandra Rogoza

Co-Director, Career Services
Sharon Lee

Co-Director, Career Services
Jolene Ondrik

Director, Marketing
Caroline Cody

Co-Director, Member Communications (Website)
Natasha Qereshniku

Co-Director, Member Communications (Newsletter)
Roisin Haughey

Co-Director, Events
Julie Duncan

Co-Director, Events
Katie Smith

Director, Membership
Gail Conway

Director, Professional Standards
Leanne Rekiel, ABC

Director, Sponsorship & Community Partnerships
Angela Anderson

Director, Student Development
Kristy Archibald

Director, Volunteer Services
Donna Sinclair, ABC

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