Want to get more out of your membership? There are benefits to volunteering, including advancing the profession and your career, creating connections with other communicators and the industry, and developing your own superior strategic communications skills.

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If you’d like to volunteer, please complete the volunteer form and send to Calgary-volunteers@iabc.com.

The information you submit allows us to understand more about you and your interests, so we can try to find the best possible volunteer experience you. All information will be kept confidential.

Benefits Of Volunteering

Professional experience/skills development
: The opportunity to gain experience is one of the primary reasons for getting involved as a volunteer. You can contribute established skills or gain experience in areas you may have limited exposure to in your current job. Skill building looks great on a resume.

Networking: Create connections with other communications professionals in the business community. Volunteering on a committee or at an event helps to build relationships and expand your business network.

Career development
: Your portfolio director can provide leadership to help you grow in your career and feedback to support the development of your strategic communications skills.

Leadership skills and board succession: 
Interested in being on the IABC/Calgary board some day? Volunteering is often the first step towards developing the leadership skills and experience required to move into a role on the IABC/Calgary board.

Access to events
: Volunteering at an event is a great way participate in professional development sessions and special events, while expanding your network at the same time.

Community involvement: 
Volunteering is a great way to get more involved in your professional community and gives you the opportunity to directly impact the Calgary communications industry.

Employer reference letters: 
If requested, your portfolio director may send your employer a letter of recommendation based on your volunteer work with IABC/Calgary.

Introduction to IABC: 
Not yet a member? If you’re considering becoming an IABC/Calgary member, volunteering can be a great way to learn more about us. We welcome non-IABC members as volunteers for up to six months.

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