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10 Reasons to Hire a Consultant

  1. Specialized expertise – There are multiple types of communications and not all require the same skills set. The right consultant with the right skills set can help ensure your project stays on track.
  2. Build capabilities – Not only can an expert help out your organization, they also offer the added benefit of further education/mentorship to staff. Just make sure you build time in for this in your consultant agreement.
  3. Good practices – Consultants generally have experience working with multiple clients and have seen old, new and innovative practices that they can offer to your organization.
  4. Unexpected creativity – Consultants can be a catalyst for change and can offer advice that is “heard in a different way” from internal staff.
  5. Objectivity – Consultants don’t have a stake in the decision being made so they can look at a problem and offer objective advice. They will offer an unbiased assessment of the situation, point out challenges and issues and tell the truth without a second thought on how this might affect their own interests.
  6. This is what they do – Professional consultants are experienced in, and trained to, assess client needs, make fact-based recommendations, develop and implement action plans and manage projects.
  7. The tough stuff – Sometimes, there is work or advice no one wants to do or give, except for consultants; a third party can better keep your organization’s best interests at heart.
  8. Fresh perspective – Consultants offer a fresh set of eyes to help identify issues and challenges and offer solutions to problems your team may be facing.
  9. Deep focus on one problem – Consultants can get right to work focusing on the task at hand because they don’t have to deal with the day-to-day work that comes with being an employee.
  10. Membership with IABC – Our members uphold a code of ethics and are held to that standard. They also often participate in further professional development and networking with communicators within the association to brush up on their skills.
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