IABC/Calgary independent communications practitioners can help keep your project on the right track, as well as on time and on budget!

Find an IABC/Calgary independent member communications consultant to help keep your project on the right path, provide advice, coaching or an extra pair of hands when you need a little help. Below is a current list of members with their specialized communication skills.

A number of consultants in this list are also certified Strategic Communications Management Professionals (SCMP) or Communications Management Professionals (CMP). To view a registry of these professionals click here.

If you have any questions about our consultants list, or would like to be added, please contact calgary-communications@iabc.com

Company Name: Turkey Burg Creative Ltd.
Company Website Address: http://www.turkeyburg.ca
Business Contact Email: adam@turkeyburg.ca
Phone Number: 403.629.4129
Social Media Handle: https://twitter.com/Turkey_Burg
Company Name: Alyssa Berry Communications
Business Contact Email: alyssa@alyssaberrycommunications.com
Phone Number: 403.650.8090
Social Media Handle: https://twitter.com/Aly_B_YYC

Board of Directors, IABC/Calgary

Company Name: Mirexco
Business Contact Email: amber@mirexco.com
Phone Number: 403.616.8434
Company Name: Speak Business Communication Inc.
Company Website Address: https://speakbusinesscomm.com/
Business Contact Email: andy@speakbusinesscomm.com
Phone Number: 403-616-8435
Social Media Handle: https://twitter.com/SpeakBizComms
Company Name: Sermo.farm
Company Website Address: http://sermo.farm
Business Contact Email: bbrinkworth@sermo.farm
Phone Number: 587-897-7405
Company Name: Celine Richter Communications
Company Website Address: http://CelineRichter.com
Business Contact Email: celinebr@telus.net
Phone Number: 403.804.7221
Social Media Handle: @anyasmom
Company Name: Geneva Communications
Business Contact Email: dtrach@telusplanet.net
Phone Number: 403-257-8436
Company Name: JGR Communications
Business Contact Email: doug@jgrcommunications.com
Phone Number: 403-835-6784
Social Media Handle: @dougdownsCanada Twitter
Company Name: Cross Wise Communications Ltd.
Company Website Address: http://cross-wise.ca
Business Contact Email: glenna@cross-wise.ca
Phone Number: (403) 850-3520
Social Media Handle: @gacross
Company Name: Karras Communications
Business Contact Email: ikarras@shaw.ca
Phone Number: 403-828-1823
Social Media Handle: @irene_karras
Company Name: Jacqueline Louie Freelance Writer
Company Website Address: http://jacquelinelouie.com
Business Contact Email: louieja@gmail.com
Phone Number: 403-289-5787
Social Media Handle: @jacquiLouie
Company Name: nimble communications
Company Website Address: http://www.nimblecommunications.ca
Business Contact Email: jill@nimblecommunications.ca
Phone Number: 250-808-7903
Company Name: Eye on Culture Inc.
Company Website Address: http://www.eyeonculture.ca
Business Contact Email: http://joleneondrik.ca/contact/
Phone Number: 403-870-3700
Social Media Handle: https://twitter.com/kaybyejo
Company Name: KTB Communications
Business Contact Email: KarenTB@shaw.ca
Phone Number: 403-862-2454
Social Media Handle: @KTBYYC  for Twitter and Instagram
Company Name: Simply Said Communications
Business Contact Email: karih288@gmail.com
Company Name: KD Communication
Business Contact Email: kathy@kdcommunication.com
Phone Number: 587-832-6411
Social Media Handle: @kdaeninck
Company Name: AVRO Creative
Company Website Address: http://www.avrocreative.com
Business Contact Email: kristen@avrocreative.com
Phone Number: 403-616-7387
Social Media Handle: @kristenannedyck
Company Name: Floral and Bows
Company Website Address: https://floralandbows.com
Business Contact Email: kmarchibald241@gmail.com
Phone Number: 403-837-4310
Social Media Handle: https://www.instagram.com/kmarchibald/  
Company Name: Griffin Communications
Company Website Address: http://griffincomms.ca
Business Contact Email: laurie@griffincomms.ca
Phone Number: 403-619-7686
Company Name: Maven & Mention
Company Website Address: http://mavenandmention.com
Business Contact Email: hello@mavenandmention.com
Phone Number: 403.589.7452
Social Media Handle: Twitter | Instagram: @mavenandmention
Company Name: Natalie Bourgault
Company Website Address: http://www.nataliebourgault.com/
Business Contact Email: natalie@nataliebourgault.com
Phone Number: 403 609 8784
Company Name: Patricia Viscount Consulting
Business Contact Email: patricia.viscount@gmail.com
Phone Number: 403-921-5969
Social Media Handle: @PViscount
Company Name: Reyes Communications Inc.
Company Website Address: http://rizalynreyes.com
Business Contact Email: connect@rizalynreyes.com
Phone Number: 403-630-2214
Social Media Handle: reeserm
Company Name: Leading Communication
Company Website Address: http://leadingcommunication.ca
Business Contact Email: sandra@leadingcommunication.ca
Phone Number: 4036906728
Company Name: Poetic Communications
Company Website Address: https://www.poeticcommunications.com
Phone Number: 403-399-5781
Company Name: CSR Strategies Inc.
Company Website Address: http://www.csrstrategies.ca
Business Contact Email: sheila@csrstrategies.ca
Phone Number: 403-225-9733
Social Media Handle: @iabcsheila
Company Name: Legacy Public Affairs
Company Website Address: http://www.legacypublicaffairs.ca
Business Contact Email: blanchas@telus.net
Phone Number: 403.240.3635
Social Media Handle: @BlanchardSL
Company Name: Howes Consulting Solutions
Business Contact Email: susan.howes@outlook.com
Phone Number: 403-542-5912
Company Name: Hutchinson Communications
Business Contact Email: tamihutchinson@gmail.com
Phone Number: 403-680-0811
Social Media Handle: @hutchtj
Company Name: Creative Juices Communications
Business Contact Email: tara.linsley@gmail.com
Phone Number: 403-466-2284
Social Media Handle: @creativejuicesyyc
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