The first exam for the new IABC certification program was held this past June, at the IABC World Conference. Congratulations to Fraser Tingle, an IABC Calgary Chapter member, who was one of the six graduates who are now Certified Communication Management Professionals (CMPs).

“The sooner one can achieve a CMP designation, the better – for you, for your employer and for the industry,” said Fraser. “The more CMPs are out there, the more we can begin to establish a reputation of excellence that the industry will associate with the designation.”

When asked about his thoughts on what the CMP designation will mean for his career, Fraser responded:

“I know that the CMP designation is an asset to my current employer, and will be an attractive point of differentiation if and when I seek future employment. I do a fair amount of contract and freelance communications work, and I expect the CMP designation will reassure potential new clients that they are in good hands. Additionally, the training requirements necessary to maintain the CMP designation year-over-year will help ensure that I’m always on the leading edge of industry knowledge and trends, while continually honing my communications skills.”

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