The beginning of a new year holds so much potential, be it on a personal or professional level. Whether you hope to earn a promotion, start a new position with a new organization or simply crush the biggest pain point in your current role, you’ll need a plan to be successful.

So how will you seize your potential and achieve your goals in 2022? Professional development is a great source of relevant information, inspiration and motivation and shouldn’t be overlooked. Even in tighter economic times the pay off from investing in your own professional development is one to be considered.

We know traveling to conferences isn’t always an option and local professional development can be limited in availability but we have a suggestion! The 8th Annual Alberta Communications Forum returns this June 20th to downtown Calgary. This one day event has six sessions covering a wide span of communication focuses and also offers networking opportunities – a great way to find out what other organizations are doing or if they are hiring (wink wink). This event also has two half day workshops on June 21st that delve deeper into critical areas of learning in hands on small group environment. We’re sure you can find time to spend a day (or two) of your time at this relevant local event.

The 2022 Alberta Communications Forum has sessions on citizen engagement, turning data into stories, employee engagement, change management and more! The value in this one day event is huge, with pricing from $499+GST (IABC members only), it’s less than $100 per session. Sessions are delivered by senior communicators from across Alberta.

Have a look for yourself at all the details on this local professional development opportunity at – don’t miss the early bird deadline of May 13, 2022.

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