By Will Tigley, VP IABC Calgary 2016

To win a Leadership Development Award of Merit at the Chapter Management Awards at Leadership Institute is a validation of the great things we across IABC do for our members. While we gladly accepted this year’s award on behalf of Calgary, I know that every chapter works extremely hard at developing communicators to be leaders in our industry.

Watch some of IABC's communications Leaders as they tell me what inspires them to be leaders.
Watch some of IABC’s communications Leaders as they tell me what inspires them to be leaders. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the video!

Leadership is essential for our association to survive and having the right people at the helm with the right skills ensures a sustainable organization. At Calgary we have engaging volunteer recruitment activities, training and development opportunities, focused strategic planning and robust recognition, all of which led to us being recognized with the Award of Merit.

Leadership Institute in itself is another amazing way we train and develop leaders. By going to this international conference and discussing the issues facing IABC across the world and sharing best practices and successes, our leaders are provided with valuable learning opportunities at both an individual and chapter level.

As my second time at Leadership Institute, I’m constantly inspired by what my colleagues at other chapters are doing. I’ve met so many amazing people in-person (and through Twitter conversations) who are as passionate about Communications and IABC as I am. It drives me to further my game as a communicator, push for IABC Calgary to be an example across the world and also share what I learn so others can benefit as well.

Leadership Institute is the perfect opportunity for me as a leader to start the year and reignite my passion with like-minded individuals. I’m inspired by what everyone is doing and I’ve become interested in other chapters’ activities to the point of following them online to see what, we as a Calgary chapter could do to improve ourselves.

For those who have never taken the extra step to become active at a Board level, opportunities like Leadership Institute and our regional Dare to Lead conferences are an amazing perk. I feel like a stronger communicator afterwards, backed by the strength and knowledge of those who have attended with me. Many professional connections are created from these events, but the personal friendships among communicators are truly amazing.

When surrounded by so much talent and expertise in our field, it really feels like we’re thought leaders in our industry bound by a common goal: Becoming better communicators. It also reminded me of all the people I’ve developed relationships with who I know I can rely on to help, support and motivate me as I continue down my leadership path with IABC.

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