The award winning IABC/Calgary mentorship program is now accepting applications to participate in this meaningful opportunity. The program offers mentors the chance to act as a sounding board and assist mentees in setting developmental goals. For mentees, it’s an opportunity to grow their network, gain professional insight, and advance in their careers.

A quick Google search on the benefits of mentorship reveal over 35 million results. Among the most common benefits are self reflection, broadened business perspective, and even upward career mobility. And most exciting is that experts, mentors and mentees generally agree that mentorship is a journey of shared value.

Carey and Jill reminiscing their mentor/mentee relationship and sharing their journey so far.

We caught up with mentee, Jill Truscott, and mentor, Carey Boyarski, ABC, SCMP, for a Q&A about their journey together with IABC/Calgary’s mentorship program. Here’s what they had to say.

Why did you want to become part of the mentorship program?

Jill: I had often thought how nice it would be to have someone to discuss communications with. My industry includes communications professionals, but there aren’t many of us. When I moved into a new role I realized how valuable having another resource would be–that if I wanted to continue to succeed in my career, I was going to need someone else’s input and help. It takes a village.

Carey: Throughout my career I have been fortunate to have found a rock star roster of generous mentors. IABC assigned me my first formal mentor who was my coach and confidant during my accreditation process. I have also enjoyed several more informal mentor relationships that were formed naturally through business and industry associates. Each has been a foundational relationship in my career and resulted in all kinds of opportunities to learn, build curiosity, greet challenges as growth potential, and inspire confidence to pursue new goals. The IABC mentorship program gives me the opportunity to pay it forward to the next generation of communications and marketing professionals.

What are some of the challenges of maximizing the mentorship program?

Jill: Time! With family and work obligations, it can be tough to connect. Attending IABC events in the meantime are another good way to connect, but ultimately, you need to commit to making the time. You won’t regret it.

Carey: Ah, Jill nailed it! I’m sure we would connect more often if our schedules allowed. Even so, we both value the program and each other so we always make the time. And I always leave each meeting looking forward to the next.

What do you value most about your mentor/mentee relationship?

Jill: We laugh a LOT. And we get off topic, occasionally! But ultimately, the space that we connect in is one where we can feel connected and commiserate on similar levels. There’s a lot of storytelling, and support. As well, being a female leader in a male dominated industry means that I really treasure the expertise and experience of other women who have worked hard and shared their knowledge.

Carey: It’s clear that trust is at the root of our relationship. By that I mean that humility, courage, confidence, perseverance, integrity and wisdom weave through our conversations with ease. There’s no judgement. Only genuine support. This has proven invaluable as we have moved through a variety of industry and career topics, solutions, and celebrations together. And we’re only getting started.

The IABC/Calgary mentorship program kicks off annually in October and runs through May. We are now accepting applications! To learn more visit us at or email Emily Smith, Director, Career Services at

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