Jenny Spurr has been an IABC member since 2012.

As a devoted member, she is participating in the IABC Mentorship program in her third year as a mentor to counsel and encourage emerging professionals on their journey. Jenny is inspired every day by her close connections to fierce, female entrepreneurs who are passionate about empowering others to succeed, and she feels incredibly fortunate to be actively involved in this growing community.

Jenny Spurr
Jenny Spurr is a communications strategist and PR professional who has been with IABC  since 2012.

A communications strategist and public relations professional based in the Bow Valley, Jenny Spurr brings over a decade of experience to the table, managing communications campaigns, coordinating media events and building community partnerships. A huge proponent of connection, Jenny thrives in the intersection between community and communication.

Striking out on her own to launch Perch Communications in 2020, a boutique communications and storytelling company, Jenny has found success securing coverage in major publications such as The Globe and Mail. By honing the art of inquiry and listening attentively, she has forged lasting relationships with top-tier media publications and community partners alike.

Jenny suggests the book Herding Tigers: Be the Leader That Creative People Need by Todd Henry, a useful book in the communications and storytelling industry; where creating content is not just a job, but a craft. She also recommends These Mountains Are Our Sacred Spaces by Chief John Snow, the first written history of the Stoney people, and an essential read for understanding truth and reconciliation in our region.

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