IABC Member since: August 2021

Number of years in current position: 4.5 years

Social Media Handles:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindsay-sullivan-458420159/ 

Instagram: @thesmallbusinessphotographer

Facebook: The Small Business Photographer 

Please share an interesting fact or hobby of yours!: I’m a fantasy geek! I love fantasy books and photographing cosplayers in cool costumes.

Lindsay Sullivan - Member Spotlight at IABC/Calgary
Lindsay Sullivan – CEO & Founder Of The Small Business Photographer

Q: Why are you an IABC member? What value or benefits do you see in the membership?

A: I’m a member because I love the supportive community and the great people in IABC. I’ve also participated in the IABC mentorship program, which was a fantastic experience for me!

I love how they pair you with a mentor who is a great fit for you — both of my mentors have been business owners. It was invaluable for me to have communication professionals who are also business owners to learn from, bounce ideas off, and be inspired.

Q: Can you briefly tell us about how you got into the communications profession, where your career has taken you, and what your best piece of advice is for others in the profession?

A: Photography has been a lifelong passion of mine, and about five years ago, I took a leap of faith and turned that passion into a thriving business. Over the years, I explored various genres of commercial photography, but it was brand photography that truly captured my heart. The magic of visual storytelling, the way you can evoke emotions, share brand stories, and capture a person’s essence through photographs – it’s simply incredible!

Recently, I’ve ventured into a new and fun topic: image generation using Artificial Intelligence! I teach communication professionals how to save time and elevate their company’s brand by creating custom images with AI.

My advice to anyone in the communication profession is this: never stop learning! Knowledge and implementing what you’ve learned opens up new doorways and exciting career opportunities.

Q: What is the most important skill you have developed in your career?

A: The most important skill I’ve developed in my career is the ability to step outside my comfort zone, whether that’s starting a business, becoming a speaker, being on my first podcast, or getting in front of the camera (as a photographer, I prefer being behind the camera, lol!).

But, I’ve seen the most growth in myself and my career when I stepped outside my comfort zone and allowed myself to be visible and try new things. Don’t hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and experiment. You never know where that leap of faith might lead you; you could end up with a business or job you love!

Q: What is the best part of having a career in communications?

A: I love the creativity! Whether it’s in writing, video, public speaking, photography, or other areas of communication — there’s so much room for creativity.

Q: What advice would you give to someone new to the industry and to Canada?

A: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different communication genres to find out what role suits you best. Also, join IABC and take advantage of their fantastic mentorship program, events and learning opportunities!

Q: Any last words? Or something you want to share with the IABC/Calgary membership base?

A: Being part of IABC/Calgary has been a supportive, inspiring and educational experience for me, and I highly recommend it!

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