Emily Smith joined IABC in 2010 when she graduated from university. As a member, she enjoys access to IABC educational resources, volunteer opportunities and mentorship program. Emily works as the Manager, Marketing & Customer Care at Qualico Communities Calgary. Transforming the company’s customer care program to be focused on long-term communication and retention has been the most invigorating thing she has worked on.

Emily works as the Manager, Marketing & Customer Care at Qualico Communities Calgary.

“Learning to collaborate continuously with the teams” has been an important skill that Emily has developed in her career. She believes that it is “essential for keeping ideas and projects moving.” And the biggest professional mistake she has ever made was one time she didn’t realize something was confidential, and it was accidentally shared with the wrong person. She says “Ever since I either bite my tongue or double-check with people to ensure I am not misspeaking.”

Emily’s manager at her first real job out of school was the most influential person in her career. “He was a real mentor to me; he taught me how to be kind and get the best of both me and others.”

At a young age, Emily experienced the loss of a loved one and realized how short life is. “I have learned how little control we have over things and people; I am much better at rolling with the punches now!”

Emily remembers reading that “comparison is the thief of joy” which really changed her perspective when it comes to work and life. As a piece of advice for someone new to communications and marketing, she says, “Almost any experience you have is relevant to this field. And knowing not only how to collect but use the data will help show your value to whoever you work for.”

Emily recommends the book Greenwood by Michael Christie, a fiction book with winding, pulsating, and connected story, as well as, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier.

Did you know?? Emily has recently taken up skiing and now looks forward to snow!

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