By Will Tigley

Sorry to nerd out on you, Communicators, but it’s May 4. If there’s any day where it’s appropriate for me to connect Communications with Star Wars, it’s today. So in the spirit of the occasion, I’ve put together four communications lessons I’ve learned from Star Wars. May the Fourth Be With You.

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

In today’s communications world, how we communicate is more relevant than ever. As communicators we have a moral and ethical obligation to seek the truth and speak the truth. In an era where Fake News and Alternative Facts are accepted by more and more people, pure communications can be a Force for good, driving away fear. Want to learn more about Communication Ethics? IABC/Calgary is holding an Ethics event on May 24.

Never tell me the odds.

Sometimes it’s okay to just rush in and get stuff done. Like if you’re Han Solo and need to evade a squadron of Tie-Fighters in an asteroid field. Or if you need to get a quick communication out to employees and figure it’ll land if you just send out an e-mail. Things could work out and you’ll look like a hero, but honestly, sometimes you need to rely on your personal C-3PO who will tell you how successful you’ll be based on solid science. Measurement is valuable. You need analytics to tell how successful a social media post has been or if employees are actually reading e-mails. This data informs how to proceed with future communications. It reduces how often you might say, “I have a bad feeling about this…

Do or Do Not. There is no try.                   

Like pulling an X-Wing out of a swamp in Dagobah, nothing is impossible with Communications. Having just seen a number of my colleagues in Calgary win Silver Leafs and Gold Quills, and being in the process of helping IABC/Edmonton judge their Capital Awards, there are a lot of great award winning examples of Communications. When working in communications it’s important to commit fully. If you want to reach your audience and move the dial in how they respond, embrace communications as a Force that can effectively reach out to them.

I am one with Communications; Communications is with me      

Most days, I feel like my whole life revolves around Communications. Especially since joining IABC and taking the President role for Calgary. It’s funny how I’ll go through my regular day and realize I’m using communications best practices when talking to someone or approaching a challenge. As a Communications Professional, it’s amazing to know that I am just one person in a greater industry of like-minded individuals passionate about my career. As an IABC member I believe in giving back to a network that has given so much to me. It’s a Communications lifestyle that feels like a stronger Force we all connect with.

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