New Year. New you.
Personally I find how you start your year sets the pace for how you treat yourself for the next 12 months. For 2017, how are you starting the year? What are you doing differently for yourself that will make 2017 the best year for you?

Might I suggest taking a renewed or more invested interest in IABC? Coincidentally IABC/Calgary is holding a major event this month. We’re celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary and it might be your opportunity to begin 2017 on the right foot.

In the spirit of a New Year’s countdown, I have a few reasons I think you should join us for this milestone event.

  1. Because you weren’t satisfied by Mariah Carey’s performance.
    There’s nothing like starting the New Year with a bad taste in your mouth. Upset that an iconic superstar stumbled her way through a major event? Try an event that will feature some local performers and entertainers who will do their best to entertain guests. I can guarantee that they’ll actually be live and won’t be lip-syncing.
  2. Discover new tourist destinations
    Back in 1988, Calgary went under the international spotlight when the city hosted the Winter Olympics. That event helped shape our city in ways that we can still see today. Canada Olympic Park was a facility that was built for the games and it is a local destination that still brings pride to many of us. When was the last time you’ve been to this WinSport run facility? The gala is a great opportunity to see how the park has evolved and what they currently offer.
  3. More athletic heroes please
    Of course by holding a major event at WinSport you will be supporting Canadian athletes. The facilities are a great resource for high-performance athletic training. After a year featuring a summer Olympics, many feel like our national athletes could use more support. Here is the chance. Not only is WinSport one of the most affordable venues in Calgary, but proceeds help them maintain their facilities and operations.
  4. You want to get your groove back
    27 years ago we learned that Groove is in the Heart. Like any good gala, we will have music. We will have opportunities to dance. We will relive 50 years of good tunes you can reminisce with friends and colleagues. Pick up your feet and take a bite out of that resolution to get more active.
  5. Expand your culinary horizons
    Yes, there will be food at the event. And with the growing number of foodie communicators, WinSport will be at its best trying to impress. We’re not looking for a sit down dinner at this event. We want people to connect and network, so food will be cocktail style with a number of dishes for guests to sample. The best communications happens over breaking bread with others.
  6. Focus on Professional Development
    Network, network, network. Yes, Professional Development means learning and developing skills, but it also includes expanding your networks, because as we know your opportunities are as strong as your professional network. With the 50th Anniversary Gala gathering communicators of all levels from around Calgary to one large event, you never know which key communications influencer you might bump into and form a long lasting connection.
  7. Reconnect with old friends
    50 years of communications means multiple generations of communicators who want to celebrate our industry. With many of us with full careers under our belts, the number of people we have met is quite vast. Remember Jane from your PR class? John from your first job? You may bump into them at the Gala and see what they’ve been up to since you last connected.
  8. Get to know your colleagues better
    The 50th is not just limited to IABC members or communicators. We’ve opened up the invite to anyone who’s interested in communications. This means friends and family. Spouses and partners are welcome to attend, so be sure to meet the significant other who was smart enough to pair with a Communicator.
  9. Learn more about the past
    What’s the emoji for “The medium is the message?” Communications has certainly changed in the span of 50 years. Throughout the evening, we’re taking a look back at the communications journey in Calgary. Come learn what communications has done to build our community, our city and our industry. Our theme is Beyond Black and White so be prepared for a visual journey.
  10. Celebrate
    We’re holding a major event to commemorate 50 years. There’s the Nobel Prize, The Academy Awards, and a regular Friday night with the Kardashians. Get swanky, dress in your finest and prepare for a good time. We want to hold an event that truly recognizes achievements that span half a century. IABC/Calgary is an organization that means so much to many of us and we hope you take the time to come and celebrate the amazing communications industry that exists in our city.

Come #createconnection. Join us at our 50th Anniversary Gala.

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