Designers and web developers are professionists who count on a valuable set of skills… the kind that are often difficult to understand due to the many technical terms involved, i.e. formats, resolution, typography, dimensions, illustrations, colour modes, etc.

Their world is not as simple as we think.

Their job is to create concepts that impact an audience visually in terms of aesthetics and usability. In order to accomplish that, it is essential to talk the same language. Yes, with all of the technical terms included.

If you are working in a Communications Department or want to be involved in a creative area where you mediate the work between a designer or web developer and a client, keep in mind the following tips:

Understand the basics

Make sure you know basic design layouts and formatting to understand the various applications of type, space and imagery. For example, asking for a banner that will be featured on a website and a banner that will be hung on a wall during a congress are two different requests.

Changes can be a big deal

‘Tiny’ tweaks in the work might mean that the designer or web developer has to go back to the drawing board. It is important to engage in conversation at the beginning of the process and share a similar vision to achieve an expected result. The client must also be viewed as an important stakeholder during these initial agreements.

It’s all about teamwork

You must view the final piece as a collaborative effort that represents both your work and the work of the designer or web developer. It is important to confidently speak to the work and defend the designer or web developer’s input when appropriate. Sometimes the client is resistant towards the final result and doesn’t believe that it meets their expectations. However, if you understand the concept, you have the tools to help the client understand the creative reasoning leading up to the final body of work.

If the client is unhappy, do not diminish the work of your co-worker. Use this opportunity to find common ground and pull from the strength of your team.

Ask for their opinion

Designers and web developers are experienced and qualified to tell you what works and what doesn’t. If you have an idea, talk to them and exchange some points of view. Asking for advice and collaborating with one another ultimately creates an environment of trust.

A common language is needed to work as a team. There is a lot to learn from the vision and creativity of designers and web developers. Keeping updated on the latest design trends and interfaces will make things a lot easier when it comes to creating future concepts.

What are your suggestions?

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