By Will Tigley, President of IABC/Calgary

Once a year we get to profess our love for those we care about in our lives. I think it’s important to share the love and as a group of communicators passionate about our profession, I think we can take a moment to celebrate Valentine’s Day at IABC by keeping three things in mind.

Love your job
If you’re fortunate to have a job you love, you can’t ask for much more. How long you spend at a job and the quality of work you produce correlates to how much you love your job. Like any true love story, you may not have found your true love yet, but with time the romantic in me thinks you will generally fall into a job that you love.

Love your life
Life is about balance. No matter how much you love your job, like any healthy relationship, it’s always good to get away from it and cultivate your sense of self. Family and friends mixed with hobbies and passions are a great way to put things into perspective of what matters the most to you. While some subscribe to the adage “work to live”, true happiness is when you love both work and life.

Love your community
Your city, your industry and your profession are all things that have helped develop you into the person you are today. I joined IABC to give back to my communications community. It’s always been there for me during my career and I owe a lot to the association and the people who helped support and guide me on my path. I do love the IABC community and my network of friends, so volunteering as a leader is my way of giving back.

Today is the perfect reason to get into the spirit of love. Take a moment to think about what you really love in life and just be thankful that it’s there to give you comfort.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to scramble to make sure I don’t forget to do a big romantic gesture for my wife this Valentine’s Day.

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