By Lindsay Marcaccio

Earlier this month IABC/Calgary hosted a panelist discussion to bring more clarity to members and non-members considering the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC) certifications – Communication Management Professional (CMP) or the Strategic Communication Management Professional (SCMP).

IABC/Calgary hosted a panelist discussion to bring more clarity on the certification process. Thanks to our wonderful panelists Kathleen Bell, Eric Michalko & Danelle Wettstein.

The certification process is an IABC initiative, but it’s based on global ISO standards and is run at arm’s length by the GCCC.

Three panelists, Danelle Wettstein, CMP, Eric Michalko, SCMP, and Kathleen Bell, ABC, SCMP were led in conversation by IABC/Calgary president, Natasha Qereshniku. Questions ranged from “Why pursue a certification?” to “What advice can you share to potential applicants?”

Bell chose to pursue the SCMP certification to show support for IABC. Both Wettstein and Michalko went for their certifications to gain an edge and stand out from the crowd.

All three panelists commented on the lengthy application process, which involves showing proof of the professional development you have completed. They advise potential applicants to be proactive by keeping track of the hours you have spent at conferences, watching webinars, mentoring or volunteering. As well as saving your receipts.

In regards to the exam and preparing for it, Wettstein said it wasn’t clear what to study, but felt if you had been working in communications the exam itself was straightforward. Bell suggests researching how to tackle multiple choice questions and to not overthink them.

Each panelist agreed the value of being certified lay in its annual renewal process, which requires a certain amount of professional development each year. To stay on top of it, Wettstein allots two to four hours each month to watch webinars and read articles and textbooks.

If anyone who is considering their CMP or SCMP has questions they are welcome to contact any of the panelists via email:

Kathleen Bell:

Eric Michalko:

Danelle Wettstein:

Thanks to our wonderful panelists for sharing their insights into the CMP and SCMP!

Details about the application and exam process for certification, including FAQs, can be found in the GCCC’s handbook at

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