IABC/Calgary is a volunteer run organization. For the 2019-2020 Board Year we were lucky enough to have more than 40 volunteers! On behalf of Volunteer Services and the IABC/Calgary Board of Directors, thank you to all of our amazing volunteers!

COVID-19 impacted all of our lives and jobs, and it was no different for our volunteers. They adapted quickly and pushed through in order to serve our community. It’s so impressive to see what’s been accomplished this year!

Each year our Board of Directors nominates and votes to recognize exceptional volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their portfolios to achieve strategic goals and make an impact on our members. This year, we are so please to recognize these three fabulous communicators.

2019-2020 IABC/Calgary Longstanding Volunteer of the Year is Sue Ridewood, ABC

Sue Ridewood, ABC, has been a member of IABC since 1989. This past year Sue Ridewood, ABC managed a remarkable three roles: Mentorship Matching Coordinator (IABC/Calgary), Silver Leaf Awards –Judging Panel (IABC Canada West Region), and National Programs Director (IABC Canada West Region).

She is an asset to our local IABC chapter as well as regionally and nationally. This past year, Sue paid great care and attention to each mentor and mentee to ensure the best matches possible for the mentorship cohort. Her hard work contributed to our 2020 Chapter Management Award win for the IABC/Calgary Mentorship Program.

Sue, we applaud your steadfast commitment to advancing our communications profession –which spans decades! We are so proud of you and what you’ve accomplished as a volunteer and communications professional. Thank you for being a part of our organization.

2019-2020 IABC/Calgary Volunteer of the Year is Kanika Khanijo

Since joining IABC/Calgary in Sept. 2019, Kanika has immersed herself in the organization. This past year she volunteered for both the blog and Company of One teams.

As a blog manager for the member communications portfolio, Kanika oversees and coordinates a team of six blog writers to produce relevant content on a consistent basis. For the 2019-2020 year, the number of published blogs grew to a stellar 170 blog posts!

Kanika, thank you for your dedication to our profession. Congratulations on being our Volunteer of the Year!

2019-2020 IABC/Calgary New Volunteer of the Year is Masoumeh Zafarmand

In her role as Social Media Advisor, Masoumeh posts regularly on IABC/Calgary’s many social media channels. Thanks to her diligence we are able to produce a large volume of content.

This year in particular has been challenging and we really appreciate all that Masoumeh does to lead her area of the marketing team. Keeping our members informed and engaged during COVID-19 is so important to us.

Masoumeh continues to write engaging and relevant content making that goal possible. Thank you for stepping up during these challenging times Masoumeh!

Interested in volunteering with us? Visit our volunteering page to see upcoming opportunities or submit a generic application today.

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