By Kristy Dixon

If your phone is anything like mine, chances are most social interactions include emojis. That got me thinking, what could popular emojis for communicators be?

This is my initial shot at it. I’ve used Apple’s iOS emojis for this post but Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows, Facebook and Twitter all create their own. Emojis are becoming more common in formal communications but they also have a fascinating history.

Truth is I know I’ve pulled a few of these faces in my career to date… What expressions would you add?

When someone thinks you’re on social media for fun.
When you’re sent a Word document with 50 spelling errors.
When someone asks if you can “just come up with a new tagline” in an hour.
When you’re on page 161 of a 200-page report to a key decision maker.
When you’re choosing the menu for an event.
When you’re in photos rather than taking them of other people at work.
When you get to write creatively in your own time on a topic you’re passionate about.
When your analytics are above industry average.
When someone tells you they don’t like the brand font, colour or anything about the visual identity any more.
When someone works with you to really understand the value of professional communications.
When you try to understand the true differentiation between all the marketing communication software offerings out there.
When someone remembers the company values – it’s so beautiful.
When Harvard Business Review publishes an article about the importance of communicating clearly and simply.
When you’re doing a website refresh – more content means a more intense face.
When you hang out with your fellow IABC members.


Kristy is a communications specialist with experience across private industry, government, charities and start-ups. She adores the Canadian Rockies, eats Vegemite, and likes to ask, “What if?”

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