Over the past 50 years, IABC/Calgary has continued to lead the way in getting communications professionals certified.

Before 2016, we had the highest number of Accredited Business Communicators in the world. Since the launch of the Global Communication Certification Council (GCCC), Calgary has more than 25 Strategic Communications Management Professionals and Communications Management Professionals. These certifications from GCCC are now the standardized certification for professionals in our field.

Calgary also has five Master Communicators. This designation is a lifetime achievement award and is the highest honour IABC Canada can bestow on an individual member.

We’re extremely proud of all our designated and certified communicators achievements, and try our best to recognize them whenever we can, including having a list on our website. However, we will be making some changes on how we recognize designations on our website.

Where can I find a registry of Calgary Strategic Communications Management Professionals and Communications Management Professionals?

To meet the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) standards, the only body allowed to keep a registry of Strategic Communications Management Professionals (SCMPs) and Communications Management Professionals (CMPs) is the GCCC. This is due to their role in overseeing the annual recertification process, which is a core component of the certification.

This means the GCCC is the source of truth for current, certified professionals, and you can visit a registry on their website.

As a result of the GCCC’s ISO requirements and recertification role, the Calgary chapter will not be maintaining a list of SCMPs or CMPs on our website.

I’m a consultant in Calgary; can my certification or designation be listed in your Calgary Consultant Directory?

For the same reasons regarding the registry of SCMPs and CMPs outlined above, we will not be including certifications in the Consultant Directory.

Consultants who are designated Accredited Business Communicators (ABCs) or Master Communicators (MCs), who are also listed in the Consultant Directory, have the opportunity to update their listing to include their designation. The designation will appear after your surname in the Directory e.g. John Smith ABC. If you would like to include your ABC and/or MC designation on the Consultant Directory, please email us.

Calgary chapter’s Accredited Business Communicator and Master Communicator webpage listing

We will maintain an existing, static webpage that lists professionals who have an ABC, or are MCs, or both. By the end of January 2019, we will update this page to indicate who has an ABC, MC, or both.

This page now also includes a link to the GCCC so that communicators can find out how they can get certified, or see the registry of certified professionals.

We recognize that not being able to host everything on our website can cause confusion, but hope this helps provide clarity for our members.

If you have any questions or feedback regarding this please contact us.

To find out more about the SCMP or CMP click here!

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