Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT are all the talk these days, and whether you think they’ll help or hinder the communications profession, there’s no doubt that AI technology is here to stay. Catalyst, the official publication of IABC, had a great piece on generative AI for communicators earlier this year and outlined how communicators can confidently use these tools.

Well, we at IABC/Calgary wanted to put theory into practice and see the AI results for ourselves.

With the launch of our award-winning mentorship program earlier this month, we asked ChatGPT to give us a head start on a blog post. The full unedited text is below—and it isn’t bad at all! It could use a good edit for length and style (the human touch) but it explains the program well and has some relevant information and good highlights.

So what’s missing?

While ChatGPT does an admirable job and can get things started, the human touch can’t be replaced. This is true of most things in the communications profession – from writing a blog to participating in the IABC/Calgary mentorship program, the human touch is key to communicating effectively.

For example, ChatGPT can’t tell you about the real experiences of our mentorship program. Many participants come back year after year to continue their development. Here’s what some of them had to say:

“I enjoy coaching others and find it rewarding to offer guidance to young professionals looking to navigate challenges and opportunities in their careers. As a big believer in the IABC mentorship program, I am grateful to participate this year.”

-Lisa Brake, Senior Director, Communications & Engagement, Health Quality Council of Alberta

“As a previous IABC mentee, I found tremendous value in connecting with a senior communications mentor, and I would love the opportunity to participate again this year. As I learned from my past mentee experience, this mentorship program is an ideal way to help grow my professional network and build more confidence.”

-Danielle Hillje, IABC/Calgary Director, Administration

“I’ve experienced first-hand how positive and beneficial professional mentorship can be for both mentors and mentees. Last year, I benefited greatly from working with a mentor through the IABC’s mentorship program and it was an excellent learning opportunity. Offering guidance and sharing experiences can benefit anyone’s career and allow them to further develop leadership and professional skills outside of just the day-to-day of the workplace.”

-Richard Goldberger, External Communications Advisor, Alberta Utilities Commission

ChatGPT also missed including the specific details. For example, our mentorship program is now open for applications for the 2023-24 term and you can apply as a mentor or mentee up until Friday, October 27. It’s also a free benefit included with your IABC membership. These seem like big details—but they were missed by ChatGPT.

Read the full, unedited ChatGPT draft blog below and let us know how you think it did in the comments.

And don’t forget to visit our mentorship page and apply for our award-winning mentorship program now. Applications are open until October 27. Our fantastic volunteer team is ready to match pairs and is busy planning our kick-off event, where you’ll meet your mentor/mentee in person, connect with other pairs and IABC folks.

If you have any questions about the program, reach out to us at We promise it’s real people on the other end—ready to help support you through a great mentorship term of connection and learning.


ChatGPT prompt: Write a blog about the IABC/Calgary mentorship program

From ChatGPT


In today’s fast-paced and dynamic professional landscape, mentorship plays a pivotal role in shaping the careers of aspiring communicators. The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Calgary chapter has long recognized the importance of mentorship in nurturing talent, fostering growth, and promoting excellence within the communication industry. The IABC/Calgary Mentorship Program stands as a shining example of how mentorship can drive success and innovation in the field of business communication.

The Power of Mentorship

Mentorship is more than just a professional relationship; it’s a partnership built on trust, guidance, and shared experiences. The IABC/Calgary Mentorship Program harnesses this power to connect seasoned communication professionals with emerging talent. Through this program, both mentors and mentees have the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to the vibrant communication landscape in Calgary and beyond.

Program Structure

The IABC/Calgary Mentorship Program is thoughtfully structured to ensure meaningful and productive relationships between mentors and mentees. Here’s a glimpse into the program’s key components:

  1. Matching: The program’s success begins with careful mentor-mentee matching. The IABC/Calgary team evaluates the goals, skills, and aspirations of both mentors and mentees to create compatible pairs. This process ensures that each partnership is based on mutual objectives and expectations.
  2. Regular Meetings: Once matched, mentors and mentees engage in regular meetings, typically held on a monthly basis. These meetings provide a dedicated space for open conversations, knowledge sharing, and skill development.
  3. Goal Setting: Both mentors and mentees work together to establish clear goals and objectives for the mentorship. This goal-oriented approach ensures that each partnership is purposeful and results-driven.
  4. Workshops and Events: The program extends beyond one-on-one mentorship. IABC/Calgary organizes workshops, networking events, and panel discussions, providing additional opportunities for mentors and mentees to connect and learn from industry leaders.

Benefits for Mentees

For mentees, the IABC/Calgary Mentorship Program offers a wealth of benefits:

  1. Skill Enhancement: Mentees gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, helping them develop crucial communication skills and strategies.
  2. Career Guidance: Mentors provide valuable insights into career paths, industry trends, and professional development opportunities.
  3. Networking: The program facilitates networking opportunities, connecting mentees with a diverse group of communication professionals.
  4. Confidence Building: Interactions with seasoned mentors boost mentees’ confidence and self-assurance, making them more effective communicators.

Benefits for Mentors

Mentors also derive significant benefits from their participation in the program:

  1. Leadership Development: Mentoring offers mentors the chance to hone their leadership skills by guiding and supporting emerging talent.
  2. Fresh Perspectives: Mentees often bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table, inspiring mentors to think creatively and adapt to evolving industry trends.
  3. Personal Satisfaction: Witnessing the growth and success of their mentees is a deeply fulfilling experience for mentors, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  4. Expanding Networks: Mentors expand their professional networks by connecting with other mentors and program participants.

Impact and Success Stories

The IABC/Calgary Mentorship Program has left a lasting impact on the communication industry in Calgary. Many mentees have gone on to achieve remarkable success in their careers, attributing their growth to the guidance and support received through the program. These success stories serve as a testament to the program’s effectiveness and the enduring value of mentorship.


The IABC/Calgary Mentorship Program is a shining example of how mentorship can shape careers, foster excellence, and strengthen the communication industry. Through careful matching, goal-oriented partnerships, and a commitment to knowledge sharing, this program continues to nurture the next generation of communication professionals in Calgary. As the program evolves and expands, it remains a beacon of hope and growth for both mentors and mentees, ensuring a brighter future for the communication field.

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