By Mikayla Kardynal

As a student and writer, I am determined to fuel productivity with high amounts of energy and creativity. Tackling four years of university showed me that exercise keeps me charged for hours on end, ignites my capability to keep up with constant demands and sparks creativity in my writing. Ever since my first year, I dreamt of becoming a master multitasker by achieving stellar grades, pursuing volunteer work and even diving into communication roles to gain experience. Thankfully, I found an ancient art to ignite my productivity back to life: yoga!

This practice helped me realize that committing to too many roles without adequate self-care leads to chaos; how can I expect to give so much when my own cup is so empty? Just like an ecosystem – my emotional, mental and physical health impacts my productivity. Ultimately, true productivity comes from a resilient body, a sharp mind and a passionate heart. Not convinced yet? Here are my top five reasons why you should practise yoga today:

  1. Boosts energy levels

I balance my role as student ambassador for IABC, work, school and yoga with lots of energy that isn’t powered by insane amounts of caffeine! Yoga oxygenates the blood and detoxifies the body; its ability to enhance brain cognition and energy levels is what drives my sustainable work-life balance and productivity.

  1. Enhances focus and concentration

It’s common to hear people around me say, “I wish I had a tool to help me concentrate when I need it.” Luckily, I have found yoga to be a versatile tool that can be used anytime and anywhere. Just like strategy is the roadmap for successful planning, yoga instills concentration that flourishes off the mat and transpires into workplace productivity.

  1. Elevates spine health

Before yoga, I used to dream of breaking free from a rounded back, hunched shoulders and an irritated neck. These days, I spend countless hours at the computer; therefore, having a healthy spine fosters my ability to stay resilient which correlates to productivity. Overall, yoga is medicine for spine health because it helps me maintain a strong posture and alleviate back pain.

  1. Supports stress response

When it comes to workplace productivity, it’s essential that I embody relaxation because I can’t deliver my best work if stress fogs my mind. Yoga is like a vacation; it slows down my stress response, bringing out my best self for colleagues, clients and employers.

  1. Ignites creativity

My ability to write creatively for diverse audiences requires ongoing productivity. Reviving my body through yoga powers my creativity, and allows me to bring a fresh perspective to every role that I commit to!

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