Meme effect on the pandemic: Humour & Misinformation

By Brett Zielke More and more, we as a society seem to be migrating to communicating in the digital age with something that massively predates it–photos. As the world speeds up, people are sending screenshots of an image instead of dictating what a sign or note says to a person.  Now, not long after this… Read more

Branding that thrives, not just survives

By Cora Palumbo We are approaching the one-year mark since Canada began instilling province-to-province restrictions as a result of COVID-19. The already digital era we are living in is increasingly dependent on our technology platforms to communicate. Now, more than ever it is important to revisit your organization’s online visibility to accommodate the times and… Read more

Overcoming objections

By Lindsay Marcaccio What do you do when your client or manager objects to your idea after you’ve delivered your pitch? It’s not easy to hear no but it’s bound to happen. Fortunately, there are ways to help you learn from the situation if not turn the no into a yes. Jenny Spurr, founder of… Read more

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