Finetuning a Spokesperson

By Lindsay Marcaccio Having the right person represent a company in times of crisis or celebration is essential for any organization. This person becomes the face of the company, communicating key messages, personifying values and building the company‚Äôs reputation. It can be a lot of responsibility for anyone to handle. Luckily, Shael Gelfand of Peak… Read more

Introducing our next Vice President, Reese Reyes!

Every year, IABC/Calgary searches for our next Vice President, recruiting for a three-year leadership term that takes the VP candidate through to the President and Past President roles. This year, IABC/Calgary is excited to announce Rizalyn (Reese) Reyes as the incoming Vice President for our next board year (2021-2022). Reese is a seasoned communicator with… Read more

Member Spotlight: Introducing Wendy Thatcher

By Masoumeh Zafarmand Wendy Thatcher joined the IABC in 2000 to network, deepen her understanding of communications best practices and find her people. She has been on the IABC boards and organized a few Dare to Lead conferences. Now she serves as the director, leadership development with the IABC Canada West Region, which helps satisfy… Read more

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