Inspiring communications teams with Indigenous voices

Imagine having a communications department inspired by the art of traditional oral storytelling and at the same time, guarantee the concepts of Truth and Reconciliation become more than mere buzzwords. A Calgary business communications innovation is being launched just ahead of The National Day of Truth and Reconciliation that promises to do just that and… Read more

Director Connector #2: Lindsay Marcaccio

Written by Prarthna Thakore As part of our new Director Connector series, I had the chance to speak with Lindsay Marcaccio and learn more about her exciting journey into communications and onto the IABC Calgary board.

Member Spotlight: Michelle Harries

Michelle Harries joined IABC in the early 2000s to network. She was new to Calgary and didn’t have any local contacts to help her job search. IABC was her introduction to Public Relations (PR) in Calgary.

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