The Journey of Developing Cultural Competency

By Lindsay Marcaccio With workforces and clientele highly globalized, companies should no longer ignore the importance of developing cultural competency within their organizations. Especially when communications and marketing success is dependent upon timely messaging being delivered and understood by key audiences. But what exactly is cultural competency and how does one develop it? In the… Read more

Putting Cultural Competence in practice

By Cora Palumbo In an increasingly globalized world, combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, an organization’s online presence is more accessible than ever across the globe. For communications professionals, this means shaping messages that are both inclusive and culturally considerate. Your organization’s geographical location does not determine the cultural context of communication, but rather the diversity… Read more

Communications and ESG: What you need to know

By Sara Williscroft, ABC, CDMP The investment world is changing. Gone are the days where cash flow and debt were the sole indicators of a company’s success.  Investors are now looking at risk from an Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) perspective. They are digging into the environmental impacts of companies’ operations, how companies are making… Read more

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