Where strategy and design meet (Part 2)

Using visuals to achieve your goals By Sara Williscroft Visuals are playing an increasing role in meeting communications objectives. They are front and centre in social media, critical in office presentations and growing in demand in briefing packages. But how do you incorporate visuals that make a difference to your goals? Laurie Griffin, Principal, Griffin… Read more

Where strategy and design meet (Part 1)

The best way to engage a graphic designer By Sara Williscroft We’ve all been there – the client is excited about a new look and feel for your communication piece but you just can’t land the right feel with the graphic designer. How do you engage designers in a way that allows their creativity to… Read more

Are you on the right side of the cultural moment?

By Scott Hughes, Vice President, Insight and Planning, Critical Mass, and Scott Radford, Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning, Haskayne School of Business It seems as if nearly every consumer brand has a social media presence – some more successful than others. Some of the most successful examples are when brands are playful, fun, and reflect… Read more

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