• 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Bow River Room, City of Calgary's Water Centre (625 25 Ave S.E.)
  • Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017

While many of us have dedicated our lives to education and communications, we often struggle to have conversations with people different than ourselves.

Climate Outreach is a leading specialist in climate communications. It works across multiple sectors and is an advisor to the British and regional governments, the International Panel on Climate Change, the UN, the World Bank and all the major environmental networks. It has built an international reputation for its pioneering programmes with special audiences including youth, trades unions, people of faith and people with very liberal and very conservative values. In this three-hour interactive masterclass, CO’s founder George Marshall will provide an overview of the latest research with practical advice on how to break beyond the usual suspects and engage new audiences.

Participants can expect to receive a grounding in the principles of good communications that they can apply to their new audiences. They will be warned of the language and approaches to avoid. They will receive practical advice on how to design and test language on a limited budget. And, working together, they will explore language that can speak across the political polarisation to a shared sense of Alberta identity. The primary focus, simply put, will be “how can we start a climate conversation with someone different than ourselves.”

This master workshop has been designed for outreach and communications professionals from a wide-range of sectors, including government, energy industry, health, education and civil society.

Here is a preview of what George Marshall will be covering in this workshop:

Members – $25
Student members – $ 15
Non-members – $35
Student non-members – $25


George Marshall and the organization he co-founded, Climate Outreach, are leading specialists in climate communications. His work spans the political spectrum and seeks to break down boundaries of culture, class and politics to find values and language we all share. He is a lead advisor to European governments and counts the World Bank, United Nations, World Wildlife Fund and all major British political parties among his clients. His book, Don’t Even Think About It, is widely regarded as one of the most important books published on climate change communications.

Talking Climate has been generously offered by the Calgary Foundation and Pembina Institute, with support from the City of Calgary. Through their generous support, this workshop will be offered at $25 to members and $35 to non-members.


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