Marketing and Communications Advisor
CAWST (Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology)

Are you a master of marketing and communications, and passionate about International Development? CAWST is not like other organizations, and this position is not like others. Neither are you. You are a self‐starter who is excited about engaging the public in CAWST and our cause. You are drawn to this position because you want to make a difference in the world, and your marketing and communications skills are directly transferable to this role.

The exciting, fast‐paced Marketing & Communications Advisor position at CAWST is crucial to increasing our organization’s profile in North America and making CAWST a household name in Canada.

The Position: Marketing & Communications Advisor
Reports to: Director, Public Engagement & Donor Initiatives
Type: Full time, permanent
Position start date: As soon as possible

Position Summary

The Marketing & Communications Advisor is part of CAWST’s Public Engagement & Donor Initiatives department. This position is responsible for educating and motivating the public to take action for safe water and sanitation in developing countries, and for mobilizing the public to support CAWST.

The Public Engagement & Donor Initiatives team works closely with all CAWST departments and, in particular, our International Partnerships team which is responsible for CAWST’s profile and fund development in the international development, water and sanitation, and health sectors.

Specific Areas of Responsibility

1. Public Engagement in North America

  • Develop and deliver the marketing and communications strategy and oversee its implementation – including campaigns, events, digital marketing, and public relations
  • Develop and maintain a high public profile for CAWST as an innovative, competent Canadian organization making a significant impact on world poverty
  • Lead the development and execution of strategies for targeting, communicating with and engaging individuals and organizations who will be most receptive to CAWST’s vision and mission, such as:
    • CAWST members in North America
    • Philanthropic individuals and companies
    • Community groups: service clubs, church groups, youth groups and schools, immigrant communities
    • Volunteers
    • Professional associations
  • Coordinate with CAWST’s International Partnerships team to:
    • Implement and refine CAWST’s brand strategy
    • Leverage, maximize, and ensure consistency and clarity across the Canadian public and international sector communications, including technical and non‐technical content
  • Work closely with the CEO, Directors and staff, supporting them to deliver on their objectives by providing appropriate tools, materials and presentations
  • Develop and manage communication content (e.g., stories, videos, blogs, infographics), tools (e.g., website, brochures), and channels (e.g., traditional and social media)
  • Conduct the final writing and editing of communications materials
  • Expand CAWST’s traditional and social media presence, adapting to a fast‐changing communications environment
  • Coordinate CAWST events and speaking engagements in Canada
  • Provide leadership and direction for the public engagement and graphics teams on day‐to‐day marketing activities
  • Maintain high standards of accuracy and respectful, positive portrayal in communications
  • Stay up to date on competitive environment and consumer trends, identify gaps and opportunities to engage North American audiences, and pitch ideas to the leadership team
  • Interface with supporters and the public, increasing CAWST’s credibility
    • Develop and maintain strong insight into key water and sanitation issues, CAWST’s model and approach, and our work with clients
    • Deliver presentations on water and sanitation to promote CAWST’s approach, garner support and develop new business relationships

2. Donor Initiatives

  • Support CAWST’s philanthropy initiatives to attract and steward relationships with CAWST’s donors and publicly recognize their contributions to CAWST
  • Work closely with CEO, Director Public Engagement & Donor Initiatives, and fund development staff to grow our revenue stream from individuals and organizations supportive of CAWST’s vision and mission
  • Activate and monitor third party fundraising initiatives for suitability in terms of financial return and alignment with CAWST’s values and reputation

3. Youth Wavemakers

  • Develop and manage the marketing and communications of CAWST’s Youth Wagemakers program to engage and empower youth to take action on global and local water and sanitation issues
  • Leverage this program, its alumni and parents of youth for CAWST’s public engagement initiatives

4. Volunteers

  • Recruit and manage skilled volunteers and contractors as needed to support CAWST’s public engagement and fundraising

5. Governance

  • Participate in the development and execution of CAWST’s strategic plans, operation plans and budgets
  • Support CAWST policies and implement procedures

6. Management

  • Provide input on management performance indicators as related to this department
  • Develop the marketing and communications capability of the CAWST team: ensure our people, processes and systems are able to successfully execute on our plans, evolve, and adapt to growth
  • Coach Public Engagement and Donor Initiative staff as required
  • Work with external agencies on refining our messaging, executing our campaign, and media buying
  • Contribute to a professional and high performance work environment
  • Any other duties and responsibilities assigned by the Director of Public Engagement and Donor Initiatives


  • Achieve targets set out in the annual operations plan
  • Provide clear direction in terms of targeted audiences, progression of engagement and services required based on sound analysis of internal results and external scans
  • Propose and execute realistic strategies and tactics, considering the human and financial resource limitations
  • Effective and efficient delivery of activities listed above
  • Increase engagement level of CAWST members
  • Make CAWST increasingly well known across Canada
  • Contribute to our target of 33% of CAWST budget funded by individuals
  • Competency, commitment, and teamwork

The person

Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline; knowledge of water and sanitation and/or international development is desirable. Proficiency in written and spoken French is an asset.

Minimum ten years’ work experience in:

  • Marketing and communications in a corporate or agency environment
  • Business and/or fund development
  • Multi‐cultural environments is an asset
  • Experience in international development or water and sanitation is an asset

Skills & Attributes / Qualifications

Understand our cause: Develop and maintain strong insight into the global water challenge and solutions, CAWST’s model and approach, and the importance of building local capacity. This understanding is key to designing the right messaging and strategies to engage a broader public audience to support our cause.

Committed and passionate: A deep conviction of our cause and CAWST’s approach –what CAWST does and how we do it— as well as charisma and enthusiasm to engage and motivate the public, are essential to succeeding on this team.

Entrepreneurial and creative thinker: Our public engagement needs to stand out and amplify CAWST’s brand. We examine the tried and true, make new and different connections, and are prepared to take risks and try new ideas.

Adept at navigating a fast‐changing communications environment: Success in CAWST’s public engagement and fundraising relies on agile strategies that adapt to the changing marketing and communications environment, staying focused on what works while making quick assessments and avoiding distraction of every new opportunity.

Professional and credible: Represent CAWST in the public sphere and in the fundraising realm in a manner that is consistent CAWST’s vision, mission, values, and professional reputation.

A collaborative approach:all our public engagement activities are executed with input from various roles, in coordination with other teams. You embrace a collaborative approach.

Will be discussed in personal interview. Please include salary expectations in your cover letter.

To Apply
Please send your cover letter, resume, and questionnaire answers (see below) to The position will be open until filled. No phone calls please. Only those candidates able to work in Canada will be reviewed; and only those granted an interview will be contacted.

CAWST values equitable opportunities, sustainable solutions and collaborative and inclusive processes. We recognize and accept differences in cultural, religious and political processes.

Please answer all questions to the best of your ability. Be as specific as possible and try to keep each answer under half a page.

  1. What has motivated you to consider this position? Please be specific to the responsibilities of the job.
  2. What is your philosophy on international development? Please support with an example from your own experience.
  3. How do you navigate the fast‐changing marketing and communications environment? Please support with specific examples from personal experience.
  4. What are your long‐term career goals and aspirations? Where do you see yourself in five years?

Organizational Background
CAWST is a Canadian charity that focuses on the principle that safe water and basic sanitation are fundamentals necessary to empower the world’s poorest people and break the cycle of poverty. CAWST transfers knowledge and skills to organizations and individuals in low‐ and middle‐income countries through education, training, and consulting services. Since 2001, CAWST’s global client network, including governments, community‐based charitable organizations, local enterprises, international development agencies, and educational institutions, has helped 15.4 million people get better water or sanitation.

The Financial Post named CAWST one of the Top 23 Charities in Canada in 2017.

Context for this Job Posting
In support of our Vision and Mission, CAWST is increasing awareness of our cause and CAWST within Canada.

We have successfully increased our profile internationally and plan to do so at home as well. In this way, we can secure the broad base of support needed to help millions more people get safe drinking water. This saves lives and improves health, gives the ability to learn and go to school, and to earn a living and be contributing members of society.

In 2018, we are embarking on a multi‐year public engagement and fundraising initiative to create a step‐change in awareness and engagement in CAWST and our cause. We will be engaging external agencies to support us with particular aspects of the initiative, with the goal of building our internal capability. This initiative’s success will be measured by the increase in number of CAWST members, volunteers, donors and total dollars donated.

Our revenue strategy is focused on developing diversity across the following funder segments: individuals, community groups, companies, governments, foundations, inter‐governmental agencies, and clients. CAWST distributes responsibility across various departments, with the Public Engagement and Donor Initiatives department directly responsible for individuals, community groups, and Canadian companies.

CAWST views our public engagement and fundraising as a long‐term, ongoing activity that needs to be adaptive to fast‐changing communication tools and channels. We have strong in‐house capability and are further building it to successfully take our public engagement and fundraising to a new level.

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