If you are interested in volunteering for IABC, please complete the Volunteer Registration Form and send to calgary-vounteers@iabc.com along with your resume so we can match you with the correct portfolio based on your preferences and skills.

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Career Services

The Career Services Portfolio markets, coordinates and administers the Careers Online job postings on iabccalgary.com. Special Interest Groups and the Mentorship Program are also part of the Career Services portfolio.

Professional Development

The Professional Development Portfolio is responsible for planning and executing regular professional development events for the IABC Calgary calendar year.


The Finance Portfolio is responsible for the financial affairs of IABC/Calgary.


The Marketing portfolio is responsible for promoting the IABC/Calgary chapter among members and non-members, as well as promoting the public relations profession.

Member Communications

The Member Communications Portfolio is responsible for keeping IABC/Calgary members informed about news and events at the local level.


The Membership Portfolio has overall responsibility for member retention and recruitment.

Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Portfolio is responsible to uphold a level of professional communication in Calgary through various initiatives, one of which is the certification and judging of awards programs.

Community Partnerships & Sponsorship

The Sponsorship Portfolio liaises between all current and potential sponsors with the responsibility of seeking out cash and in-kind sponsors for various chapter initiatives and events.

Student Development

The Student Development Portfolio, comprised of 12 student and professional members, is responsible for student membership and engagement in IABC/Calgary.

Volunteer Services

The Volunteer Services Portfolio is responsible for supporting the development of effective, engaged and recognized volunteers.

For more information on our volunteer opportunities, check out our Current Opportunities.

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